The whole point of boxing is to inflict brain damage

John Hardy, a leading dementia scientist at University College London, recently explained neuroscience knows more than ever about how frequent blows to the head causes long-term brain damage.

"You get tiny lesions along the blood vessels where they have torn the nerve cells around them. This damages those nerve cells, and those cells start to develop the tangles that you see in Alzheimer's disease, and what we now understand is that this process spreads."

“Punch Drunk”

As far back as 1928, the American pathologist Harrison Stanford Martland wrote the paper "Punch drunk" which showed how prize fighters suffered brain injury caused by the rupture of blood vessels.

Also known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) or dementia pugilistica, this neurodegenerative disease affects boxers and others who suffer knocks to the head.  It causes depression, aggression, impulsivity and memory loss.

“The whole point of boxing is to inflict brain damage"

As even the World Boxing Association's (WBA) medical advisory committee head, Calvin Inalsingh, admits "boxing is the only sport in which the objective is to render blows to the head … so as to cause the opponent to be incapacitated", you have to wonder how long boxing will remain in its current format.

According to Hardy, when it comes to arguing for a ban on sports that cause brain injury, boxing is in a class of its own since, “The whole point of boxing is to inflict brain damage".

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