Brain Injury: Baby son improves Memory

Louise and Geraint Jones who both suffered severe brain injuries impacting their long and short term memories, describe their new son as a ‘living time-keeper’.

Memory Loss: 90 reminders a day

According to press reports, Geraint’s memory was so short he relied on up to 90 phone reminders a day just to complete simple tasks, such as preparing meals and leaving the house.  Louise used a strict daily routine to cope with her poor memory.  However, since their son was born Geraint's memory has improved so he now only needs reminders three or four a day.

Assault and Car Accident Brain Injuries

Geraint was injured in an unprovoked attack back in 2004, which put him in intensive care for a week with brain damage and a fractured jaw.  It was a car accident in 2007 which left Louise in a coma with a fractured skull, hip and jaw.  Hospitalised for 5 months, she still suffers with balance problems as well as her memory loss.

'I feel like a new man thanks to my little boy'

Having met originally at Head Start, a support group for people with head injuries, they.married in June 2011.  Since the birth of their son in March 2013, Geraint only needs 3 or 4 reminders a day.  Remembering his son’s routine without any apparent problem he says,

‘With such little person to look after ... my brain seems to have switched into a higher gear since he came along.’

Louise and Geraint now follow a routine based around their son.  Whilst they still have help from family and employed support workers, they hope that as their son grows up and starts to speak, his memory will help them get by even better as a family.

Head Injury UK: Brain Injury Claim Experts

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