Brain injuries and their life-long danger

Brain injury survivors have treble the risk of dying early through impaired judgement, according to the latest research.  This is significant as in Europe over 1 million people receive hospital care for traumatic brain injury every year.

Brain injury survivors and premature death rate

The English and Swedish study into 40 years of data on over 2 million people looked in particular at people who lived over 6 months after a head injury.  It found that without any injury 0.2% of people died early, however this premature death rate increased three times if someone suffered traumatic brain injury and climbed to 4% if someone also had a psychiatric condition.

Brain injury and poor judgement

Common causes of premature death among those who had suffered previous brain injury included suicide, assault or fatal injuries such as a car crash.  It is thought that brain injury permanently damages the brain’s neural networks, altering a victim’s judgement and ability to deal with new situations.

Brain injuries and their life-long danger

This study underlines that even if a traumatic brain injury victim survives their initial injury, they are still left with a heightened risk of premature death.  Our specialist brain injury solicitors hope that this research will increase the vigilance of clinicians to monitor head injury victims for signs of anxiety and suicide.  By treating these illnesses it is likely that many lives can be saved.  If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury caused by someone else, please contact Andy Shaw of Head Injury UK to see how we can help.




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