Can Creatine prevent brain injury?

Creatine, a popular sports diet supplement, has been shown to protect our brain from injury when it has a poor oxygen supply.  The research in University of Auckland led by Dr Nick Gant explains more,

‘The brain requires a constant supply of oxygen and is highly vulnerable when this supply is reduced by injury or disease … We set out to help improve the brain’s natural defences and think we’ve discovered a way of doing this.’

How does Creatine protect the brain?

This appears to be due to creatine, which is stored in parts of the brain most easily deprived of oxygen, not needing any oxygen to make energy.  So taking extra creatine increases the amount of energy available to the brain when oxygen levels are reduced.

How did the research show this?

The scientists monitored the brains of healthy adults whilst they breathed air with only half the normal amount of oxygen, like being at Everest base camp.  Creatine levels increased by 9% in the brain and prevented a fall in attention levels, compared to those not taking it.

What are the implications for brain injury treatment?

The ability to sustain attention is a common symptom in survivors of brain injury.  So the study opens up possible treatments for those at risk of oxygen deprivation like mountaineers, divers or others at risk of head injury.  The research team is now investigating creatine as a treatment for concussion.

Head Injury UK: Brain Injury Claim Expert

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