Dealing with Anger after Brain Injury

Anger is a common problem for people after suffering a brain injury.  Making their behaviour unpredictable and aggressive, their anger can be very hard for their loved ones to live with.  Headway, the brain injury association, has prepared some tips to help people deal with such anger.

  • You may think you already know what ‘triggers’ the anger however, rather than tell them what to do or what to avoid, help them discover it for themselves.
  • Design some experiments with them and ask them to rate their anger on a scale of 1-10 when they are close to possible triggers like loud noise.
  • When you both discover a trigger, help them find another way to look at the situation. Suggest to them that rather than saying, ‘Why have you got that TV on so loud?’, it’s better to try, ‘Please could you turn it down a bit, the noise bothers me.’
  • Agree on a prompt you can use when you think they are getting angry.  For example, you could blow over your shoulder as a sign to ‘blow away your anger’, to prompt them that they need to calm down.
  • Busy places can be difficult for someone with a brain injury, as it can be difficult to process all the information.  If you see them getting angry in such a situation, encourage them to move to somewhere quieter.
  • If the person is getting angry, try to direct their attention away from the cause.
  • You may not always know what is making them angry and will need patience to work out what triggers their anger.  Even simple things like watching people chatting can bring up feelings of sadness or unfairness.
  • Think about strategies to help yourself.  If they have had a bad day and they dump their anger on to you, have your own coping statements such as, ‘That felt very hurtful, but I know you didn’t mean it that way’ or ‘What’s this about? You must be feeling in a bad state to be that rude to me.’

Head Injury UK: Brain Injury Claim Experts

The Headway free factsheet Managing Anger after Brain Injury – Tips for Brain Injury Survivors provides more help however, it is always important to get professional advice and support if the effects of a brain injury like anger are causing a problem.  Firstly, speak with your GP or who may refer you to an appropriate specialist such as a neuropsychologist.   Also if you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury caused by someone else and want to know how we can help, please contact Andy Shaw who is in the Headway Solicitor's Directory or call us on 0800 073 0988.

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