Will Colour-Changing Helmets detect Head Injury?

A danger of head injuries is that their severity is not always immediately obvious after the initial blow to the head.  In the absence of obvious signs of a severe or moderate head injury, it can difficult for medics to decide whether someone just needs advice or should be sent to hospital for more checks.  So sometimes a bleed into the brain can go undetected and a delay in treatment in these cases can be fatal.

Colour-Changing Helmets

To try and help medical professionals better assess who should go to hospital for more investigation, the University of Pennsylvania has developed a polymer which changes colour on impact.  A helmet covered in this polymer allows an easy way to assess the force and location of an impact to the head and so its likely injury. 

The photonic crystals in the polymer do not need any power to work and are also lightweight.  This development means that many people who are at risk of head injury in sport or say motorcycling, may in future be able to use a helmet that in the event of an accident helps their doctors better decide if they need to be sent straight to hospital.

Head Injury UK: Head Injury Claim Experts

This exciting science offers a quick tool to help medics decide who needs to be checked out at hospital, even if they otherwise appear fine.  This has the potential to save lives.  If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury which was someone else’s fault and want to discuss it, please contact Andy Shaw or call on 0800 073 0988 to see how we can help you.

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