Claiming Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury?

Any brain injury or brain damage has devastating effects for not only the injured person, but also their family and friends.  This is why it is important that when dealing with a compensation claim for traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, that you instruct a specialist brain injury lawyer.  Often it is the injured person's family that choose the brain injury lawyer and it is important that they feel comfortable with their brain injury lawyer.

Why use a specialst Brain Injury Lawyer?

Your brain injury lawyer must have a variety of skills to deal successfully with any brain injured person's claim, so when selecting a lawyer consider these points:

  • Brain injury is one of the most complex and challenging areas of law.  You must have confidence in your brain injury lawyer to deal effectively with any matters that arise as the claim progresses.
  • Your brain injury lawyer needs to have a wealth of experience.  No two cases involving brain injury will ever be the same.  The more experience your brain injury lawyer has, the better equipped they will be to deal with any specialist issues which arise.
  • Your brain injury lawyer should deal with the individual needs of your own case.  It is important that your brain injury lawyer treats you as an individual, to recognise the aspects of your claim that are important to you.
  • There will be difficult issues that arise during any case; you should therefore feel able to communicate openly with your brain injury lawyer.  In return your brain injury lawyer will need to be able to explain complex matters to you in an understandable manner.  Use any first interview with your brain injury lawyer to ensure that you feel comfortable with the style and communication skills of your brain injury lawyer.
  • Assess what your brain injury lawyer is able to provide, in addition to bringing a claim for damages to aid and compensate the injured person for their brain injury.  Whilst this is the primary focus of any brain injury lawyer, importantly you need to consider what other services your brain injury lawyer is able to provide.  These include being able to organise rehabilitation services that may facilitate any recovery by the injured person from the outset of the case.  In addition your brain injury lawyer must to be able to deal with a range of legal matters, including advising on the Court of Protection and Deputies, or setting up a trust for any settlement monies and making appropriate arrangements for the injured person’s future.  Enquire whether your brain injury lawyer can provide these additional services before you instruct them to act.

Head Injury UK: Specialist Brain Injury Lawyers

Our specialist brain injury lawyers will handle your case with care and consideration for your individual needs.  Using their experience to ensure that your claim progresses smoothly and with a minimal amount of stress and concern to all involved.  Our brain injury lawyers will do all that they can to not only establish the claim, but also to provide rehabilitation services, deal with any financial issues and negotiate a suitable settlement as quickly as possible.

So if you have suffered a head or traumatic brain injury in either a:

  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Accident in the Workplace
  • Violent Assault or Attack
  • Clinical or Medical Negligence
  • Slipping or Tripping Accident

please contact Ian Shovlin to see how we can help or call free on 0800 073 0988.

What our clients say

We know that we have been extremely fortunate to have had such a consummate PI lawyer in Andy acting on our behalf but we have also been blessed by having had his support, trust, friendship and loyalty throughout. We cannot ever thank him enough.

The compensation Nicola has received has helped her move from a tiny council flat into a massive bungalow which has been specifically adapted. It has enabled her to have a better life.

If it was not for the help of my solicitor I don't know where I would have been today. He provided a great deal of emotional support and secured compensation at various stages from the insurance company to fund my treatment and allow me to live. He was there from start to finish.

Higgs & Sons acted for us for 5 years until our daughters claim for personal injuries was finally settled. Ian remains a trustee of our daughters trust fund and we now look upon him as a friend.