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For anyone visiting their local doctor, a specialist at a hospital or any other medical professional, a certain level of care is not only expected, it’s legally required. Despite this, cases of medical negligence happen almost daily in the UK and when they do, a medical negligence compensation claim must be made against those responsible.

In the hands of specialised medical negligence solicitors, a medical negligence claim can turn into a financial award that will help pay for additional treatment and living costs as a result of medical negligence, enabling the victim and their family to concentrate on getting better without having to worry unnecessarily about the financial side.

Sensitive and Confidential Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical negligence can have catastrophic consequences. In some cases, victims unfortunately never fully recover and life is never the same again. As a result, he or she may feel that bringing a medical negligence claim forward will be nearly impossible, too expensive and time consuming. But this is simply not the case. Medical negligence solicitors can deal with the case from start to finish, leaving the client free to recover as best they can.

By investigating how life changing the medical negligence has been, medical negligence solicitors can judge how much the client can expect to receive from the medical negligence compensation claim, whether it is made against a named individual or, as is often the case, against a unitary authority such as a hospital or NHS Trust.

Getting on with Life after Medical Negligence

If the medical negligence suffered is life changing, then things will never get back to the way they were. However, nobody deserves to suffer from poorer living standards just because they were a victim of medical negligence. A medical negligence claim can secure a financial settlement on a no win no fee basis, or through legal aid, and the money won can be put towards medical bills, private treatment or carer help in the home.

Medical negligence solicitors will always seek the largest possible payout so that their client will get as much compensation as possible. You cannot put a price on quality of life. If, as a result of medical negligence, you or a family member has suffered life changing injuries, contact the experts today for free advice on whether you have a valid claim, and how to get the ball rolling on a medical negligence compensation claim.

What our clients say

We know that we have been extremely fortunate to have had such a consummate PI lawyer in Andy acting on our behalf but we have also been blessed by having had his support, trust, friendship and loyalty throughout. We cannot ever thank him enough.

The compensation Nicola has received has helped her move from a tiny council flat into a massive bungalow which has been specifically adapted. It has enabled her to have a better life.

If it was not for the help of my solicitor I don't know where I would have been today. He provided a great deal of emotional support and secured compensation at various stages from the insurance company to fund my treatment and allow me to live. He was there from start to finish.

Higgs & Sons acted for us for 5 years until our daughters claim for personal injuries was finally settled. Ian remains a trustee of our daughters trust fund and we now look upon him as a friend.