Skiing Head Injuries: Stay Safe

As doctors try to wake Michael Schumacher from his medically induced coma following his traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident, his tragic accident reminds us of the dangers of the slopes.

What is the Risk of Skiing Head Injuries?

Head injuries make up 10-20% of all injuries suffered from skiing and snowboarding, of which around 10% are potentially serious brain injuries.

How do Skiing Head Injuries Occur?

Collisions cause most serious skiing head injuries. As skiers easily reach speeds of 30-40mph, the impact of colliding with another skier or object is often high.

• A fall onto hard snow or ice usually causes a blow to the back or side of the head.
• Lift accidents, such as a hit to the head from a swinging T-bar or chair.

Low Risk of Death

Most accidental deaths occur from colliding with a tree, however USA statistics show the average fatality rate is only 0.68 deaths per million skier / snowboarder visit. To put this into context, it is half the rate of being struck by lightning.

Do Helmets save Lives?

Up to 80% of skiers and snowboarders wear a helmet which often prevents a potentially serious head injury, particularly in a fall. However, when the level of injury overwhelms the protection provided by the helmet, it does not significantly reduce the chance of death.

Head Injury UK: Skiing Head Injury Claim Experts

If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury or other serious injury whilst skiing or snowboarding, which may have been someone else’s fault, then please contact Andy Shaw of Head Injury UK to see how we can help.




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