Work Accident Solicitors: We Act on Your Behalf

In the United Kingdom, all employees have a right to be safe whilst earning a living. There are many acts and legislation that have come into being in recent years designed to prevent accidents at work from occurring.  Despite this, every year many workers are seriously injured at work and as a result, work accident compensation claims move through the courts system every day of the year.

Many people who have been financially secure and have worked their whole lives often find themselves in serious financial need due to an unfortunate work-related accident, a significant number of which lead to extremely serious injuries. When an accident at work occurs, speaking to work accident solicitors is vitally important, so that an accident at work compensation claim can be made.

Work Accident Compensation Without the Worry

It’s only natural that people who are injured at work feel reluctant about pursuing work accident compensation. After all, in order to do so you may be required to bring evidence against your employer and may require evidence from colleagues. This is why it’s a must to contact work accident solicitors as soon as possible.

A work accident compensation claim must be handled in a professional and sensitive manner. Only specialist work accident solicitors will know the best way to deal with these types of cases and will do all they can to put you at ease. Work accident compensation is perfectly achievable but only if expert help and guidance is sought.

Can injured Visitors claim?

A work accident compensation claim can also apply to people who are simply visiting a place of work. Companies have a duty of care to their employees, of course, but that also applies to contractors, customers and visitors. If you feel you may have a valid claim, contact us as soon as possible.

Head Injury UK: Here to Help

You should not be put off looking for work accident compensation on financial grounds.  We specialise in serious work accident claims as well as head injury claims and can offer a range of options including no win no fee funding. If you’d like to discuss an accident at work compensation claim, simply contact Andy Shaw to see how we can help with no obligation.


What our clients say

We know that we have been extremely fortunate to have had such a consummate PI lawyer in Andy acting on our behalf but we have also been blessed by having had his support, trust, friendship and loyalty throughout. We cannot ever thank him enough.

The compensation Nicola has received has helped her move from a tiny council flat into a massive bungalow which has been specifically adapted. It has enabled her to have a better life.

If it was not for the help of my solicitor I don't know where I would have been today. He provided a great deal of emotional support and secured compensation at various stages from the insurance company to fund my treatment and allow me to live. He was there from start to finish.

Higgs & Sons acted for us for 5 years until our daughters claim for personal injuries was finally settled. Ian remains a trustee of our daughters trust fund and we now look upon him as a friend.